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Authentic Italian delivered right to your door! Buon Appetito!

By Stephen J. Bailey, posted Jun 30th, 2022 at 12:45PM

Prepare for your taste buds to be on overload with Baked Ziti from Salvatori's! This hearty portion of Ziti pasta comes with ricotta cheese, fresh Italian herbs, and rich meat sauce or marinara baked under a blanket of mozzarella cheese. Before that, start with an order of their delicious bruschetta appetizer and then a house salad which has a blend of romaine and iceberg lettuce topped with carrots, red onion, fresh Roma tomatoes, and a mozzarella cheese blend. This will make you add Salvatori's to the top of your list of favorite Italian restaurants in Fort Wayne.


Can't get enough of the Chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden!

If you haven't tried the Chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden, give your taste buds a treat and place your order today! This delicious dish is served with their signature homemade Alfredo and fettuccine pasta and topped with grilled chicken.


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