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Delicious Pollo Barbecue Pizza!

By Adam, posted Feb 24th, 2011 at 6:50AM

For only $11.89, this hot and fresh barbecue chicken pizza exceeded our expectations and taste buds! Made with fresh barbecue sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, chicken, roasted red onion, cilantro and chive oil this pizza from 800 Degrees will make you wonder why you haven't had it before. About 800 Degree's Pizza: For many generations, European communities relied on communal wood fired ovens to meet their daily cooking needs. Towns and villages would bake breads and roast vegetables and meats on a rotating schedule in these large ovens. During WWII many of these ovens were destroyed and after the war they were replaced with smaller highly efficient ovens made from Italian refractory clay in homes and restaurants. Today these refractory ovens are common place in Italy, used in outdoor kitchens and restaurants, and are rapidly becoming popular in the United States. Leading chefs are ever increasingly using and promoting this method of cooking and eight out of ten of the highest rated Pizzerias in the United States prepare pizzas in this type of oven. We have gladly spent hundreds of hours researching ovens and visiting many outstanding restaurants using wood fired cooking methods, in search of the oven that will provide our customers with the very best authentic Italian pizza. Traditional Italian pizza is baked in this style of oven at temperatures ranging from 8000 - 1,1000 F and at that temperature bakes a pizza in less than two minutes, producing a light and crisp crust. Our dough is hand made daily using 00 Italian pizza flour and allowed to rise slowly in order to produce the maximum flavor. We use only the finest ingredients for our toppings, including San Marzano tomatoes, local produce, and free range pork and chicken from Gunthorp Farms in Lagrange, IN. Our meats and vegetables are roasted daily in-house and our sausage is made from scratch by our skilled staff. This extra effort ensures you will receive the very best product possible. Our talented Chef De Cuisine, Matt Rogers, has developed our menu with flavors and ingredients that will reward your palate and we know you will appreciate the taste of our truly great pizza


Enjoy Scooby Snacks from Mad Anthony!

Everyone loves Mad Anthony Brewing and their famous Scooby Snacks! Made up of crispy potato wedges, maryland crab seasoning, and cali dip, we promise you that won't be able to stop dipping and biting! Enjoy FREE DELIVERY from Mad Anthony Brewing during June! Spend $25 or more and use code "ROTM" at checkout!


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