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  • 800 Degrees Pizza North
  • a'Roma Pizza
  • ACME by Full Circle BBQ
  • Agaves Mexican Grill: Washington Center
  • Applebee's Coventry
  • Applebee's Lima Rd.
  • Applebee's Meijer Dr.
  • Applebee's N. Clinton
  • Aroma Kitchen
  • Auntie Anne's Glenbrook
  • Baker Street
  • Banh Mi Pho Shop
  • BB's Indian Kitchen
  • Big Apple Pizza
  • Big Eyed Fish
  • Big Eyed Fish Express - Hillegas Rd.
  • Big Eyed Fish Express - Leo Rd.
  • Black Canyon
  • Blueberry Pancake House
  • Bob Evans: Coventry
  • Bob Evans: Dupont
  • Bob Evans: Maysville
  • Breakfast Clubb - Formerly Cosmos
  • Breakfast Clubb II - Formerly Spyro's
  • Buffalo Wings And Ribs: North
  • Buffalo Wings and Ribs: Southwest
  • Burger Bar
  • Burger Fi - North
  • Burger Fi - South West
  • Casa Ristoranti Italiano: Dupont
  • Casa Ristoranti Italiano: Jefferson
  • Casa Ristoranti Italiano: Parnell
  • Casa Ristoranti Italiano: Stellhorn
  • Cebollas Mexican - East
  • Cebollas Mexican - Glenbrook
  • Cebollas Mexican - North
  • Cebollas Mexican - Southwest
  • Chevvy's Pizza And Sports Pub
  • China Palace
  • Club Room at the Clyde
  • Club Soda
  • Coconutz
  • Coney Island
  • Conners Kitchen
  • Cookie Cottage
  • Cosmos at Lima Rd.
  • Dae Gee Korean BBQ
  • Dash-In
  • Daveys Delicious Bagels and Deli
  • Deema Turkish Cuisine
  • Dirty Dough Cookies
  • Don Chavas
  • Don Hall's Commissary
  • Don Hall's Factory
  • Don Hall's Gas House
  • Don Hall's Prime Rib
  • Don Hall's Tavern
  • Dos Margaritas
  • East Haven Tavern
  • El Azteca
  • Famous Dave's BBQ
  • Famous Taco
  • Firefly Coffee House
  • Firehouse Subs - Coldwater Road
  • Firehouse Subs - Illinois Rd.
  • Golden China
  • Golden Corral
  • Granite City
  • Great Wall
  • Greek's Pizzeria
  • Guadalupe's Mexican Grill - Dupont
  • Guadalupe's Mexican Grill - Georgetown
  • Guadalupe's Mexican Grill - Leo Crossing
  • Guadalupe's Mexican Grill - Southwest
  • Halal Eats
  • Haru Sushi and Izakaya
  • Hideout 125
  • HoneyBaked Ham - Dupont
  • HoneyBaked Ham - Southwest
  • Hong Kong SouthWest
  • Hoppy Gnome
  • Hopsing Express
  • IHOP Jefferson Blvd.
  • IHOP Washington Center Rd.
  • Kekiongo Craft Company
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • King Gyros
  • Klemms Candlelight Cafe
  • Koto
  • Kung Fu Tea
  • LaLos Mexican
  • Las Lomas Mexican Grill
  • Laycoff's Grill
  • Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken - Dupont
  • Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken - Rudisill
  • Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken - Stellhorn
  • Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken - West State
  • Legalize Marinara
  • Liberty Diner
  • Los Cabos Mexican Grill
  • Lucky Turtle Grill
  • Mad Anthony Brewery
  • Mancino's Coliseum Blvd.
  • Mancino's New Haven
  • McAlister's Deli - Auburn
  • McAlister's Deli - Jefferson Pointe
  • McAlister's Deli - Lima Rd.
  • Mi Pueblo - SW
  • Mi Pueblo: New Haven
  • Mitchell's Sports Bar
  • Miyabi
  • Mozzarelli's Pizza
  • Naked Tchopstix
  • Nawa
  • O'Charley's
  • Oley's Pizza Shoppe
  • Olive Garden
  • Papa Johns
  • Papi's Pizza
  • Passion Fin
  • Pasta Di Guy
  • Pikes Pub
  • Pine Valley Bar And Grill
  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop
  • Powers Hamburgers
  • Proximo
  • Qdoba Coliseum Blvd
  • Qdoba Coliseum Blvd. Catering - (24 hour notice)
  • Redwood Inn
  • Rusty's Ice Cream
  • Ruths Chris Steak House
  • Saisaki
  • Sakura
  • Salsa Grille - Auburn
  • Salsa Grille North
  • Salsa Grille St. Joe Center
  • Salsa Grille SW
  • Salvatori's - Illinois Rd.
  • Salvatori's Leo Crossing
  • Salvatori's New Haven
  • Salvatori's Washington Center Road
  • Sara's Family Restaurant
  • Shigs In Pit BBQ Fairfield
  • Shigs In Pit BBQ Illinois
  • Shigs In Pit BBQ Maplecrest
  • Shoccu
  • SMPL Kitchen
  • Sol De Mexico Bar and Grill
  • Summit Grill
  • Sun Rise Cafe
  • Taj Mahal
  • Taste of India
  • Teds Beer Hall
  • Tequila Mexican
  • Thai Diner
  • The Han Dynasty
  • Three Fires Pizza SW
  • Tim Hortons (Ice Way Dr)
  • Tower Bar and Grill
  • Umi
  • Village Tap
  • Willie's
  • Willie's Cafe II
  • Wrigley Field Bar And Grill
  • Wu's Fine Chinese Cuisine
  • Yummy Thai
  • Zianos Italian Eatery Dupont Rd.
  • Zianos Italian Eatery Maysville Rd.
  • Zianos Italian Eatery SW
  • Ziffles Rib Bar
  • Zing Asian Fusion Cuisine


What is Waiter on the Way?

We are Fort Wayne's premier restaurant food delivery service. We make it convenient to have your favorite meals from Fort Wayne's favorite restaurants delivered to your home or office without all the hassle and effort of doing it yourself. We bring the restaurant to you!

How much does it cost?

Our standard delivery fee is $6.49. If you are more than six (6) linear miles from the restaurant there will be a $3.00 distance charge added, more than nine (9) linear miles a $6.00 fee will be added, more than eleven (11) linear miles a $8.00 fee will be added, more than thirteen (13) linear miles a $9.00 fee will be added, more than fifteen (15) linear miles a $16.00 fee will be added, more than seventeen (17) linear miles a $22.00 fee will be added, more than nineteen point one (19.1) linear miles a $27.00 fee will be added, more than twenty-seven point one (27.1) linear miles a $35.00 fee will be added, more than fourty-three point one (43.1) linear miles a $40.00 fee will be added, more than fifty-one point one (51.1) linear miles a $45.00 fee will be added, more than sixty point one (60.1) linear miles a $75.00 fee will be added, more than seventy-five point one (75.1) linear miles a $100.00 fee will be added, more than one hundred point one (100.1) linear miles a $125.00 fee will be added, more than one hundred and fifty point one (150.1) linear miles a $150.00 fee will be added, more than two hundred point one (200.1) linear miles a $200.00 fee will be added, more than two hundred and fifty point one (250.1) linear miles a $250.00 fee will be added, more than three hundred point one (300.1) linear miles a $300.00 fee will be added, more than three hundred and fifty point one (350.1) linear miles a $400.00 fee will be added, more than four hundred point one (400.1) linear miles a $450.00 fee will be added, and more than four hundred and fifty point one (450.1) linear miles a $500.00 fee will be added. If you are unsure of the distance please call the office and we can give you a specific total. In most cases the food costs are the same as if you went in and picked it up yourself.

Can I order from more than one restaurant?

Yes. You can order from more than one restaurant, but we do require that you meet the minimum order and pay the normal delivery charge for each restaurant you order from. We ask that you do not order from more than 2 restaurants, and understand that multiple restaurant orders may have a longer delivery time.

How do I add-on to my delivery food online order?

If you want to add on to your online order we ask that you call in to our office. We can add or delete food items.

What do I need to do if I have to cancel my order?

If you need to cancel an order please call WOTW as soon as possible. We are unable to refund your purchase if the food has already been made by the restaurant.

Where does WOTW deliver?

Waiter on the Way delivers to a specific set of zipcodes in the Fort Wayne area and surrounding areas. Please call 260.442.3663 if you have further questions on prices and delivery areas. We reserve the right to refuse delivery to certain addresses and zip codes.

When are you open?

Monday - 8:00am - 8:30pm
Tuesday - 8:00am - 8:30pm
Wednesday - 8:00am - 8:30pm
Thursday - 8:00am - 8:30pm
Friday - 8:00am - 8:30pm
Saturday - 10:00am - 8:30pm
Sunday - 10:00am - 8:30pm
***Please take note that some restaurants may be closed during our hours of operation.
Breakfast orders needing delivery before we open can be arranged if ordered the night before or earlier. Please call the office at 260.442.3663 if you wish to arrange a breakfast catering.

How long does it take?

We do our best to get your order dispatched as quickly as possible, usually within 45 - 60 minutes. Please take into consideration that restaurant preparation time, weather, distance and traffic may affect us from time to time. During extremely busy times, such as Friday and Saturday nights and the noon hour on weekdays, the wait may be slightly longer due to increased call volume. During these times you should expect a wait usually around 75 minutes. We gladly accept timed orders hours or days in advance to help ensure your desired delivery time.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, gift certificate, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner's Club, and Discover. We do not accept personal checks. Corporate checks can be accepted with prior approval. Billing accounts can be setup for business accounts. Call 260.442.3663 if you would like to create a corporate billing account.

How can I purchase WOTW gift certificates?

The easiest way to purchase a gift certificate is to come into our office at 233 West Baker Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. If you are ordering a gift certificate for someone in Fort Wayne and you live out of town you may call the office and order the gift certificate over the phone with a credit card and we can mail it out to them. If you need a gift certificate delivered for you, we can do so for the standard delivery fee of $6.49.

Should I tip the driver?

Please remember that he or she earns a living by your appreciation of their efforts. Drivers are contracted and use their own transportation/gas and work hard to make sure that your restaurant food is delivered on-time and accurate. A 10 - 20% gratuity is customary, depending on the size of the order.

Does the driver get 100% of the tip?

Yes. 100% of your gratuity goes directly to your driver regardless of if the order is placed online or over the phone, and no matter what payment method you use.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is $10.00. This is calculated using the subtotal of the food which is before tax, delivery, or tip.

Are the prices the same as in the restaurant?

Typically the prices through Waiter on the Way are the same as they are in the restaurant. There are a few exceptions.

Do you sell drinks?

Yes! We have twenty ounce bottles and 2-liters of both your favorite Coke and Pepsi products available.

Can I sign up for a corporate house account for food delivery?

Yes, may set up house billing account. Please call our office at 260.442.3663 in order to do so.

How do I know if my delivery food online order was placed?

All of our online orders are confirmed via an automated emailed receipt.

Do I have to place my food delivery order on the Internet or can I call my order in?

No, you don't have to place your food delivery order online. Waiter on the Way customer service representatives are available to take your call at all open hours of operation.

Is ordering my food online safe?

Yes, Waiter on the Way has taken your security and privacy very seriously and has taken all necessary precautions to receive and store your data securely.

How do I request a restaurant menu guide to be mailed to me?

Go to the contact us section and submit your delivery information and request the current paper menu.

How do I request my favorite restaurant for food delivery and corporate catering?

Waiter on the way currently delivers for many area restaurants, and while we know this is a great selection, we will not be satisfied until we deliver for every one of your favorites! So if you have a favorite we don't currently deliver for, please do us a favor and let us know by using the contact us section at the bottom of this page.

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