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Salvatori’s has that Special Sauce!

September 9th, 2019

Whenever I hear about Salvatori’s from a friend or acquaintance, it is always followed with “have you been there yet? You have to go!” This has happened at least a half dozen times in the last year. I finally made it out to their west Fort Wayne location to try the food. I was impressed.

It’s not hard to find good Italian food here in Fort Wayne. However, Salvatori’s manages to take it to the next level. They offer the usual dishes that you might expect, but the surprise is in the sauce. That’s what really brings it home for me. From the Manicotti to the Ravioli to the Spaghetti with meatballs, it is just so good. I even had to take some to go.

The atmosphere at the west locations is warm, inviting, and clean. The service was some of the best I have had in Fort Wayne and everyone took great care of me from the moment I sat down until my to-go order was ready. If you are looking for delicious Italian food or atmosphere stop by Salvatori’s or give Waiter on the Way a call.

With delivery available from Tuesday until Sunday every single week, Waiter on the Way can bring their entire menu right to your home. View their online menu and find your favorite items for lunch or dinner. And if you need something sweet, you have to try the Moscato Berry Tiramisu!

Enjoy FREE delivery from Salvatori's during the month of September! Order $25 or more and FREE delivery is yours! Use code "September" at checkout!

By Stephen J. Bailey
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