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Spring clean your fridge!

April 29th, 2013

Spring-cleaning is in full spring this time of year.  Closets and garages are cleaned out, but what about your fridge? This appliance is often overlooked,  but it is a very important area to direct your attention. Food borne illness can lurk in the most unlikely places. Leftovers can be more than just an eyesore. Did you know they can be potentially hazardous to your health? (As if you need anot …

By Stephen J. Bailey
Posted in News

Don’t miss Cupcakes & Cocktails!

April 22nd, 2013

The cupcake craze has swept the nation, and Fort Wayne is no exception. If you’re looking for an excuse to indulge in these sweet treats you’ll want to mark your calendar for May 10th. That’s because Cupcakes & Co. is hosting their first annual Cupcakes & Cocktails event at the Wunderkammer Co., to kick off their IndieGoGo campaign. The campaign’s mission is to help …

By Stephen J. Bailey
Posted in News

Run for clean water!

April 15th, 2013

Waiter on the Way is proud to sponsor COME UNITY’S third annual 6k for Water. Why a 6k, you ask? 6k is the average distance women and children must walk to fetch water in third-world countries.  Can you imagine? Almost four miles to take a bath, have a drink, wash your dishes, and bathe! That’s why COME UNITY is trying to raise awareness (and funds) to help change lives. The organizat …

By Stephen J. Bailey
Posted in News

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month!

April 8th, 2013

Did you know April is National Grilled Cheese Month? How will you celebrate the creation of this gooey, hearty sandwich? May we suggest ordering from one of our restaurant partners? The DashIn: Their grilled cheese sandwiches are known around the city for their deliciousness. You can’t go wrong with any of the options. Pair it with a cup of their tomato bisque for the perfect meal. Black …

By Stephen J. Bailey
Posted in Family Eating

7 ways to get kids to eat veggies

April 1st, 2013

It’s a battle likely as old as humanity itself: getting kids to eat vegetables, of course! While there’s no sure-fire way to ensure kids are getting their daily recommended servings, you can try a few tips to sneak in those greens. Here are a few tried and true ones: There’s no one way to get your kids to eat more fruits and veggies, but here are ten tips straight from expert mo …

By Stephen J. Bailey
Posted in Family Eating
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